Autonomous + Fully Automated

It’s here….

Well, almost.
Autonomous vehicles are here. But when will the public be able to buy the ones that can be sent miles away and beckoned back to pick you up? What level will autonomous vehicles be available for purchase?

LVR International provides flexible design planning related to parking demand and master planning for autonomous vehicles, shared-cars, Uber, bicycles, pedestrian pathways and other changes in mode of transportation. We are active in associations consisting of leaders and legislative representatives that pass regulations affecting the development of autonomous vehicles.

How are autonomous vehicles affecting developments and campuses?

Stay tuned for updates in 2020….



Fully or Semi Automated Parking System

When is the right time to use fully or semi automated parking systems? Each project has different available space, parking needs, future plans, and driving culture. This combination along with budget and types of parking customers can determine what type of parking robotic system may fit your needs. LVR has been analysing, planning, auditing, and implementing automated parking robotics since the late 1980’s. Contact us to discuss your needs and provide guidance.