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Multi-modal planning is trending in the United States. Many developments are considering how to coordinate developments around bus routes, train stations, share-rides, bicycle trails, pedestrian walkways, residential and mix-use.  While multi-modal developments have been part of the planning culture in other countries for over 25 years, large quantity of available land in the United States have not demanded the same approach. However, with the trends in commuting and  development planning, there are changes in parking demand, first and last mile planning, technological advancements, and overall master planning.

LVR International provides consulting services in master planning, strategic planning, multi-modal planning for mixed-use, transit-oriented-development, and  airport parking to determine current condition, expansion planning and adjustments related to shuttle buses, shared-car, and autonomous vehicles.  We provide overall parking demand analysis, shared scenario calculation for current and future planning. LVR also provides on-site parking operations review, feasibility studies, revenue control and enhancement analysis, parking equipment analysis, innovative revenue control and generation planning, and amenities analysis for transit-oriented developments and airports.

LVR planners have extensive years of hands-on operations, planning and international experience, incorporating innovative solutions to parking, multimodal, TOD, and outreach planning.

Recent Projects

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the state of California, the second busiest airport in the United States, and one of the largest international airport in the world.

LVR provided an overall review and audit of the parking management operations and their organizational structure. LVR analyzed and audited details of the parking operations, tickets, equipment, and policy. We reviewed the structural organization and procedure and overall controls of the entire operations of the land transportation and parking system. LVR also analyzed the public relations and marketing plan for the airport. The study was part of a larger Industrial, Economic and Administrative (IEA) Survey study.

Tokyo Station ParkingTokyo Train Station

Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Train Station is one of the busiest in Japan. The main station consists of 10 island platforms serving 20 tracks. This station is highly used and is linked by an extensive system of underground passageways with surrounding commercial building and shopping centers.

LVR provided a feasibility and planning layout design study of a 1,000-space fully automated parking robotic garage system. The recommendations included different robotic structures best suited for the train station market, the layout, demand analysis, parking access control systems.


Orange County Event Center

Costa Mesa, California

The Orange County Event Center is a 150-acre event venue in Costa Mesa, California. The site hosts over 150 events attracting 4.3 million visitors annually. Parking and shuttling is shared with a neighboring university and is surrounded by residential homes and offices. There are multi-modal transportation uses on site and during peak season, parking can turn over several times a day.

LVR provided an overall review of the entire parking management operations, special events, functional design, traffic control, police and staff coordination, wayfinding design, pedestrian pathway planning and pubic outreach survey.  LVR developed phasing plan that manages and mitigates traffic congestion by coordinating information from the highway (DOT) and local police (traffic control).

Kerry Properties ParkingMixed-Use and Transit Oriented Developments

Kerry Properties: Hong Kong, China, Philippines

As one of the largest property investment and development companies in Hong Kong, Kerry Properties has become the one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Asia.

LVR provided parking layout, demand needs, functional design, traffic flow, and control equipment consulting services for many of their transit-oriented, mixed-use, hotels, residential developments throughout Hong Kong and China, such as this transit-oriented mixed-use complex, the Kerry Centre in Shanghai.