LVR Business Operations

In-Depth General Operations Planning & Implementation

It is our area of expertise.LVR International’s principals began their careers in the management and operations businesses. Their extensive years of hands-on operational and troubleshooting experience are key elements that make LVR International unique and successful in providing successful solutions.

LVR International Operational Services include:


  • Operations Analysts and Troubleshooting
  • Strategic Implementation Plan
  • Monthly and Daily Operations Oversight
  • Functional and Efficiency Review
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Cash Control Analysis and Audit
  • Organizational Staff Review
  • Leadership Training



Parking Operations and Management


  • Monthly and Daily Review
  • Functional Design Studies
  • Demand and Rate Analysis
  • Control Equipment Analysis
  • Staff Scheduling and Development
  • Reporting Enhancement and Procedures
  • Emergency Plan Development
  • Special Event Planning
  • Implementation of Parking Operation Plan
  • Provide Parking Management Services
  • On-going Review of Reports and Operational System
  • Way-Finding



Parking Operations & Management

ParkAsia has been providing over 20 years of parking management services in the Asia region. ParkAsia’s parking management services include:

  • Parking Management Plan
  • Parking Feasibility Analysis
  • Parking Management Plan
  • Parking Operations and Feasibility Analysis
  • Self-Pay Cashiers
  • Central-Pay Cashiers
  • Special Event Cashiers
  • Regular Valet
  • Automated and Robotic Parking Valet
  • Rovers and Security
  • Daily Site Supervisors and Oversight
  • Daily and Weekly Manager and Oversight
  • Reporting System: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
  • Honor Checking
  • Financial and Operations Audit
  • Inventory Review and Oversight

ParkAsia’s international executives have over 25 years of parking operations experience with experience of managing over 100 parking facilities worldwide.