About LVR International

Planning, Design, Operations.

Since 1994, LVR International specializes in parking ,multimodal, and mixed-use projects related to master planning, campus planning, site planning, comprehensive strategic solutions design, functional flow planning, congestion mitigation planning, parking and shuttle operations analysis, implementation, troubleshooting correction, pedestrian and bicycle flow, wayfinding and public outreach. LVR is a certified woman, minority-owned, small business.


PLANNING: Parking, Mixed-Use, Multimodal, Strategic Master Planning

OPERATIONS: Planning,  Implementation, Training, Organizational Structure

MULTIMODAL & TOD: Vehicles, Bicycles, Pedestrians, Shuttles, City Buses, Ground Transportation

OUTREACH: Public and Stakeholder Outreach, Marketing, Graphic Design

WAYFINDING: Parking Facilities, Downtown, Bicycle, Pedestrians

CLIENT REPRESENTATION: Project Management, On-going Client Representation

Our LVR Team has over 100 years of parking and transportation operations and management experience taking theory out of parking planning or operation implementation. Our senior principals have owner-operator background, assuring success to the design and planning of our projects.  “LVR designs functional, profitable, and manageable parking and multimodal projects using our extensive hands-on parking and transit business background and out-of-the-box approach. Our parking solutions are tailored to each market and types of users. Modeling does not work nor fit for all, especially in today’s changes in the types of transportation. Therefore, we customize our calculations and implementations for the unique needs at each of our projects.”, says Lia Reyes, founder of LVR International.

Our clients consists of developers, municipalities, universities, hospitals, downtowns, airports, amusement parks, department of transportation, and stadiums. LVR brings innovative and state-of-the-art solutions using our national and international experience.

LVR is continually developing solutions that provide flexible planning to adopt to the changes in share-rides, Uber, bicycles, and the autonomous vehicles.  There are many ways to solve a problem or to design a parking facility, LVR takes it to a new level.


Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)