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LVR’s focus in connectivity is Mobility Communication for travelers, whether it is by directing movement with effective signage, branding, symbols, digital, apps, wireless, incentives, connections using modes of transport, and many more. Our main goal is to get travelers to and from their point of destination in as little congestion, wait time, and hassle as possible, maximizing customer service. We want to improve communities by inviting people to use other modes of transport that can help benefit their health and local environment making it easier to connect and access them, particularly between the first and last mile.



LVR’s mobility designers, urban designers, graphic designers, data programmers, and app content designers combine our knowledge to create comprehensive mobility connectivity master planning solutions.

Highlighted Projects

CVG Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport | Hebron, Kentucky

Covering approximately 7,770 acres in southern Ohio/northern Kentucky border, the CVG Airport welcomed more than 9.1 million passengers in 2019 and is the 7th largest cargo airport in America.  LVR provided curb management and signage design studies to compliment the new CONRAC parking expansion and to assist arriving and departing passengers to get to their terminal, rental car, bus, car-share, or drop-off/pick-up locations. Below are a few wayfinding illustrations.





Fully Automated Parking Garage | California

In addition to other services, LVR conducted a wayfinding and sign design study that help customers better understand the arrival and departure procedures, number of available spaces, and safety policies. Below are a few wayfinding illustrations.









OC Fair and Event Center  | Costa Mesa, California

Attracting over 10 million attendees during the highest peak month of the year, the OC Fair and Event Center hosts the annual state fair for this region. LVR provided a comprehensive parking, traffic, wayfinding, operations study and public outreach for this complex, high pedestrian and vehicular traffic venue. As part of the study, LVR analyzed traffic flow to and from the highways during peak periods and provided wayfinding and signaling solutions to manage the turnover of 8,000 spaces each day for a duration of one month. Other wayfinding off-peak solutions were desgined for events during other parts of the year.


Tarkington Theatre Garage | Carmel, Indiana

The Tarkington Theatre Garage is a destination building, consisting of a theatre, offices and residential units. Access to the parking garage is between two buildings, through an alley-like street, making it difficult for non-regular parking customers to find the entrance to the garage. Lia Reyes provided parking layout signage concepts, theme identity design, and sign placements as part of the new re-layout design for this facility.


LAX International Airport | Los Angeles, California

Over 88 million passengers pass through LAX International Airport in 2019. More than 22,000 parking spaces are available near the LAX. In addition to 10,000 parking spaces in the central terminal area, LAX has a capacity of 11,000 cars in its economy-rate, long term parking areas. LVR performed a parking, ground transportation, traffic wayfinding, and public relations study for Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), which consisted of four major airports in Los Angeles County. As part of this study, LVR studied the effectiveness of wayfinding, traffic flow, and congestion mitigation for the airport’s ground transportation, parking, curb management, and passenger customer service.


Alameda State Fairgrounds | Pleasanton, California

The Alameda State Fairground attracts about 455,000 attendees during its peak annual Fair event period. The property site is unique as it is surrounded by dirt ground and hundreds of trees, making wayfinding, ground markings, and pathways less clear. LVR conducted a comprehensive parking, traffic, wayfinding, and operations study. As part of the study, LVR provided congestion mitigation, pedestrian, internal and external road wayfinding.






Public Outreach | Fourth Street Connectivity | Sacramento, California

The City of Sacramento has a vibrant and growing entertainment district in their downtown area. Many people travel downtown using the train and bus, which stops about one to two blocks from the central downtown area. The Historic Chinatown is the parcel that sits between them, which does not provide good pedestrian connectivity. LVR led the outreach effort for this multi-year project.


Parking Garage Wayfinding and Sign Design | Worldwide

LVR has provided wayfinding plans and designs for individual parking facilities for over 25 years. We understand the functionality required inside the parking garage and the immediate