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The LVR Mobility Design and the LVR Operations Teams have been working together on mobility and parking projects for almost 30 years worldwide. Our combined background and extensive knowledge in the parking and ground transportation business give our design team the leading edge in making a difference in how we deliver our designs, incorporating intuitive solutions, that may not always be obvious. Passionate about parking, technology, and innovation, the LVR team continues to stay abreast of best practices, state-of-the-art, yet practical and functional solutions.

LVR’s FlexDesign focuses on parking and mobility connectivity solutions that is flexible and adjustable to current, peak, and future traffic or parking operational demand needs. Projects are designed to efficiently accommodate peak operations for self-park and valet, traffic wayfinding re-direction to mitigate congestion or backup, and to phase the current as well as the future development needs. We are intuitive, detail-oriented, and practical in our design approach, assuring the best possible solutions that effectively benefits each of our project.

Recent Projects

REVERB by Hard Rock | Atlanta, Georgia

The REVERB hotel and residential mixed-use project just recently
opened its doors for travelers, residents, and fans. With limited
space, the property sits immediately across from the Mercedes
Benz Stadium attracting 24/7 parking activity. LVR provided parking design planning, allocation efficiency planning, valet operations plan, EV plan, drop/pick porte cochere.



360 | Atlanta, Georgia

First of its kind in the country, this unique mixed-use project consisting of a church, school, market condos, affordable housing, year-round functions, and considers immediate multimodal access to train, bike trail, and complete streets for pedestrian experience. LVR provided innovative and creative parking design solutions for this challenging site, including parking layout designs, site placements, access,  drop-off and pick-up curb, traffic flow, bike pathways, pedestrian connectivity, allocation planning, and a feasibility study. A fully automated parking system was also studied as an option.


Fully Automated Garage | WEHO, California

The City of West Hollywood built the first fully automated, municipal parking structure on the west coast. The 200-space, five level, automated parking utilizes 60% of the existing land use and provides parking for employee and visitor parking. LVR International conducted detailed performance and operational audit and robotic review of ingress/egress, procedures, technical review, parking reporting systems, peak demands, hours of operations, control procedures, emergency backups, and maintenance procedures.


One McKinley Place | Global City-Manila, Philippines

The One McKinley Place is a high-end residential condominium located across Pacific Plaza Towers in Global City, Philippines. Presenting complex structural column placement, LVR provide parking design for this 43-storey building, maximizing functionality, efficiency, and controls.











6464 Sunset Blvd. | Los Angeles, California


Festival Mall ParkingFestival Supermall | Manila-Alabang, Philippines

Like no other mixed-use developments, this 20-hectares (50-acres) 700 specialty shops, food outlets, world-class cinemas, and amusement facilities is one of its kind. It has a phasing plan for an additional 10 hectares (25 acres) of GFA adding 600 retail concepts. LVR provided parking layout design, traffic flow, access, parking demand, and phasing recommendations for the growth plan.

Shangri-La Hotels ParkingShangri-La Hotels | Hong Kong and China 

One of Hong Kong’s most elegant luxury hotels, Shangri-La group of hotels is an ever-popular tourist and traveler’s attraction in every country throughout Asia. LVR provided a variety of services for many Shangri-La Hotel properties throughout Asia. Such services span from conceptual planning to final design, functional design, control equipment, to parking operations review, troubleshooting services, and implementing operations improvements.

Pacific Plaza Towers | Global City, Philippines

These 53-storey signature twin residential towers rises 587 feet is the 15th tallest building in Metro Manila. With a unique wave-like architectural design facade, this is one of a kind. LVR provided parking design and control equipment consulting this two phased underground parking plan as each tower was built separately.

Office Buildings in Hollywood California ParkingOffice Buildings | Hollywood, California

As a complex mixed-used environment, Hollywood offers a variety of things to do 24 hours a day. These office buildings are located along Sunset Blvd in Hollywood attracting a mix of tenants, visitors, producers, doctors, and many others. LVR provided detail operational review, day-to-day reporting, staff training, redeveloping reporting procedures and process. This included the operations of day-day ticketing, monthly processes, and interaction with staff, vendors, and its parking customers.

LKG Tower ParkingLKG Tower | Manila, Philippines

As one of Manila’s tallest office skyscraper, this 43-level building sits in the heart of Makati City’s business district. This building provides state of the art technology in all areas of the planning design and operation. LVR provided parking design planning, functional layout design, control equipment consulting, along with professional parking management services.






Westin Convention Hotel ParkingWestin Convention Hotel | Indianapolis, Indiana

As Indianapolis’s first 575-room convention hotel in Indiana, the  Westin Hotel was the historical turning point that allowed Indianapolis to nationally bid for convention events, increasing local investment interests, attracting new revenue generation activities, and more visitors to this once nap-town city.  As the original investors and developers, LVR and its family of companies worked on developing and designing the hotel and underground event parking facility along with their detailed operational plans. This same original group selected the Westin Group to manage our hotel development, celebrated the grand opening, and continued to owned and managed the 24/7 parking garage for many years, which includes self park and valet parking services.