Market Sectors

LVR International Delivering Solutions

Our Types of Projects

Delivering innovative solutions effectively.
LVR International works with the public and private sectors in throughout the United States and Asia. Our area of expertise include strategic planning, urban planning, engineering, operations planning and implementation, research and hands-on troubleshooting.

LVR also provides business analysis, branding and expert witness services.

LVR International’s U.S. and international clients and project types include:

  • Multimodal & TOD
  • Mixed-Use
  • Strategic Master Plans
  • Campus
  • Hospitals
  • Cities
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Stadiums & Convention Centers
  • Offices & Hotels
  • Park & Rides
  • Olympics and Fairgrounds

We consult in master and site planning, design, parking strategy and operations, mobility planning for bicycle/pedestrian/shuttles, public outreach, functional traffic flow and way-finding.

LVR has a proven track record in troubleshooting planning and design, implementing new operational systems, developing custom processes and procedures, improving customer service, enhancing net revenue and creating sustainable solutions.