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“Smart” planning for mixed-use developments, universities,  hospitals, and municipal projects is growing, designing a comprehensive approach to combine live, shuttle, work, learn and play.  A carefully designed master plan can successfully provide efficient and effective use of land, utilities, management, and expenses.  These developments are encouraging multiple modes of transportation options such as walking, bicycling, rideshares, shuttles, parking. and public transit.  There are new technologies in the mobility and parking industry that streamline planning and management. We customize the smart technology to be incorporated in every design plan that is state-of-the-art as each project and market culture is unique.

Highlighted Projects

Sacramento County Master Plan | Sacramento, California

The City of Sacramento is growing, revitalizing areas and buildings throughout the city, creating opportunities for new economic development pockets with possibilities for a new sports stadium. LVR developed the parking master plan, analyzed the current parking conditions, shared-parking and future parking demand, new site placements, parking design layouts and a feasibility and revenue study.



Goat Farm Campus  | Atlanta, Georgia

Located in Midtown Atlanta and attracting over 300 artists and thousands of visitors year round, the Goat Farm is a signature visual and performing arts being planned and designed for a new mixed-used development. LVR  developed shared-parking and future parking demand, operational implementation techniques, feasibility projections, EVs, and state-of-the art technology for this complex and high-event use campus by incorporating state-of-the-art parking technology.


Indiana State Downtown Campus | Indianapolis, Indiana

The State of Indiana office campus is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, where there are almost 9,000 parking spaces to accommodate the state employees and their visitors.  LVR analyzed the downtown parking campus current parking conditions , determined shared-parking and future parking demand, EV, feasibility projections, and policy development.



Carmel Regional Parking Study | Carmel, Indiana

One of the more innovative cities in the United States with 140 roundabouts, and over a dozen more still to come, no other city has more than the City of Carmel, Indiana. LVR developed a regional parking master plan surrounding the new Police and Courthouse expansion development and analyzed current parking conditions in this central downtown and entertainment district of Carmel and developed shared-parking, future parking demand, and site placements for new parking site options.



Alameda State Fairgrounds Master Plan | Pleasanton, California

Consisting over 10,000 parking spaces, the Alameda County State Fairgrounds attracts thousands of year round visitors. This site presented a complex and unique challenge as it limited ability to place road markings or wayfinding due to the abundant number of trees on the property. LVR developed the parking and mobility master plan, access points, ingress and egress flow design techniques to mitigate congestion, and provided unique solutions for wayfinding by using the trees and without access to electricity.



Solano 360 Campus | Solano County, California

The County project called Solano 360 consists of over 146-acres of property to be designed into a new mixed-used development with transit access. LVR analyzed the current site and the planned development, developed the parking demand, parking operations plan, management and revenue control, functional design, wayfinding, access points, ingress and egress flow design techniques to mitigate congestion, phasing plan for future growth, and assisted in developing their parking contracts and negotiation calculations for their vendor agreements.

Global City Master Planning Parking

Global City Master Planning | Manila, Philippines

This 1,100 acres (440-hectare) property was one of the largest cities to be mastered planned in Asia, consisting with the most modern skyscrapers and trendiest restaurants, clubs, and luxury residential complexes in the country. LVR developed the parking and mobility master plan, analyzed current condition, determined shared-parking and future parking demand, site placements, parking policy, and the business zoning plan. LVR also designed parking designs for many individual mixed-use developments throughout this new city.

Kerry Properties Parking

Kerry Centre | Shanghai, China 

As one of the largest property investment and development companies in Hong Kong, Kerry Properties has become the one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Asia. LVR provided parking site planning, shared-parking, future parking demand, parking design, for transit-oriented, mixed-use, hotels, residential developments in Hong Kong and cities throughout China for the Kerry Property Group, such as this transit-oriented mixed-use complex, the Kerry Centre in Shanghai.

Redondo Beach Pier Parking

Redondo Beach Pier | Redondo Beach, California

One of the main attraction to Redondo Beach is the Pier as it is filled with boardwalk shops, restaurants, clubs, and nearby residential and hotels developments. LVR analyzed current parking and shuttle conditions, parking control equipment, and conducted outreach to community, stakeholders and city officials to develop a guideline on improving parking function, parking operations and procedures, traffic congestion, and revenue control.