Connectivity + EV

Ready. Set. Plug.

Electric, Autonomous, Mobility Hubs, Apps
The electrical vehicles are here to stay. Many parking garages and on-street parking in cities throughout the world are rethinking and reshaping site or regional plans to accommodate the growing demand for electric cars, EV chargers, other modes of transport, and the increasing development of autonomous vehicles.

LVR International continues to creatively implement functional design strategies that are flexible and adaptable to the peak or off-peak periods, parking demands, flow of traffic related to site placements, operational needs, shared-parking calculations, shared-cars, Uber/Lift, bicycles, pedestrian pathways, electrical and autonomous vehicles. We recommend types of technology for controls, gates, counters, PARCS, monitoring, revenue management, wayfinding, signs, EV chargers, solar equipment, and central control systems.

Our senior mobility and parking planners and designers can develop app logistics content wireframes and collaborates with app designers to customize the connectivity needs based on our client’s specific connectivity needs.

Every year, LVR’s senior designers obtains some of the most advance state-of-the-art Smart City, Smart Mobility, and Smart Parking technology and design strategies from experience and at annual events such as the National and International Parking and Mobility conferences, Autonomous Task Force, Smart Cities conferences, Consumer Electronic Shows (CES), and many other architectural and planning association conferences.  Our team of experts will bring those new technology ideas to our projects around the world.






















Semi and Fully Automated Parking System | Worldwide

When is the right time to use fully or semi automated parking systems? Each project has different available space, parking needs, future plans, and driving culture. This combination along with budget and types of parking customers can determine what type of parking robotic system may fit your needs. LVR has been analyzing, planning, and providing performance audits on automated parking systems since the late 1980’s.

Systems analysis are confidential and shall not be listed on this page.