Smart + Connectivity

Electric, Autonomous, Connectivity, Sustainability

Innovative Connectivity, FlexDesign, Integration, Apps. Don’t overbuild parking, build smart and maximize utilization design by calculating not only the customized demand but incorporating the operational techniques, technology system, electric parking, and virtual connections.

LVR’s FlexDesign solutions are customized for each project and integrates several designs and operational components that consider current and future needs. We deliver adaptable design that can be used for peak and off-peak demands.

LVR International stays connected to the latest technology and the industry’s best practices. We strive to lead in implementing innovative smart connectivity solutions for urban mobility and parking in cities, campuses, and individual buildings.


Right-Size Parking + Lessen “Circling”
The changes in mode of transportation use such as autonomous vehicles, car share networks, and bicycles have affected parking demand and developments around the world. However, it is not proven that parking demand would necessarily lessen in the near future.

Depending on the location, parking demand can be calculated to accommodate shared-parking between neighboring sites. If the land size is small but require higher number of spaces, automated robotic parking systems can be considered.

Multimodal stops and transit-oriented-developments provide the opportunity to offer mobility hubs as a temporary source of transportation as a transition link.

Some of our sustainable studies include:

  • Sustainable Parking, Pedestrian, Bike Planning
  • Site Placement
  • Shared Parking + Operations Technique
  • Fully Automated Parking Robotics
  • Smart City + Smart Parking Connections
  • First and Last Mile Planning
  • Mobility Hub Stations +Connectivity
  • Park Once Solutions
  • Electric Vehicle + Electric Bicycle Parking and Charging
  • Solar for Parking Facilities
  • Shuttle Bus Planning
  • Wayfinding + Congestion Mitigation
  • Rate Structure
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Best Use Studies
  • Financial Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • Eminent Domain
  • Parking Reports and Operational System Analysis

Fully and Semi Autonomous Parking Robotic Systems

Semi-Automated Parking System (LVR Project)
Fully Automated Parking System (LVR Project)

Using Less Space
LVR has been analyzing, auditing, and implementing fully and semi autonomous parking robotic systems worldwide. With its first fully automated robotic system analysis in the late 1980’s, the LVR team had reviewed the details of the system related to timing, electronics, coding, mechanical movements, and troubleshooting issues. LVR continues to assist teams in design plans to assure that the implementation of these robotic systems are successful and provides regular system operational audits to make the necessary changes to improve overall timing, customer service, and long-term expenses.

Design Build and P3

Deliverable Methods
Today, many clients rely on other types of resources to develop their projects, such as design bid build, design build, public-private-partnerships, design build operate and maintain, and other methods.  LVR International can assist our clients in any of these approaches related to parking, mixed-used, and transportation projects.