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It’s about the Peak.

Sports, Music, Fairs. People…Lots and Lots of People.
Large venues, such as stadiums, conventions centers, entertainment complexes, fairgrounds, Olympics, or centers that host weddings and concerts attract attendees and cars. These venues are designed and operated quite differently than offices, hospitals, airports, and even universities. LVR has operated, planned, and designed parking projects at all these types of venues and understands the congestion, different modes of transportation, numbers of people and vehicles, and the traffic flow and peak demand issues that occur. Though avoidable with proper operational and functional design, these peak periods can be messy.

LVR designs to minimize congestion, improve traffic flow, increase parking utilization and efficiency, provide effective wayfinding, maximize revenue and customer service, particularly to address peak periods. Our designs offer effective drop-off/pick-up, bus stop placements, mobility hubs, ADA comfort, valet options, and staging placements to maximize operational effectiveness. LVR’s FlexDesign approach provides the design flexibility, thus operational adaptability, in these projects to utilize their spaces for small to large events, as needed. After preparing  feasibility studies, revenue projections and design, the LVR Team can develop the organizational chart to operate these types of facilities, train staff to implement the services, and later conduct performance or revenue audits.

Highlighted Projects

The Goat Farm | Atlanta, Georgia

Located in Midtown Atlanta, The Goat Farm is a visual and performing arts center being planned and designed for a new mixed-used development. LVR  developed future parking demand with shared-parking and operations implementation techniques for The Goat Farm’s new land use plans, which include residential units, restaurants, retail, art studios and art galleries that accommodate over 300 artists, a museum, live entertainment events or weddings for hundreds of attendees. LVR provided parking design consulting for new parking facilities, incorporating state-of-the-art parking technology. LVR prepared several parking feasibility and revenue studies. LVR designed for cars, bicycles, pedestrian pathways, electric cars, EV charging, wayfinding, PARCS, gates, POF (kiosk), valet, monitoring, revenue plans.

Festival Mall ParkingFestival Supermall | Manila-Alabang, Philippines

Experiencing like no other mixed-use developments, this 20-hectares (50-acres) 700 specialty shops, food outlets, world-class cinemas, and amusement facilities is one of its kind. It has a phasing plan for an additional 10 hectares (25 acres) of GFA adding 600 retail concepts. LVR project managed the parking design plan from conceptual to final design, demand needs, functional design, traffic flow and phasing recommendations for the growth plan.






Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) | Los Angeles County, California

The Los Angeles World Airport owns and manages four major airports in the Los Angeles County area, including Los Angeles International Airport, Van Nuys Airport, Ontario International Airport, and the Palmdale Regional Airport.  LVR analyzed the parking facilities, ground transportation, wayfinding, traffic flow, their operational performances, organizational plan, and public relations.


Alameda State Fairgrounds | Pleasanton, California

Consisting over 10,000 parking spaces, the Alameda County State Fairgrounds attracts thousands of year round visitors. This site presented a complex and unique challenge as it limited ability to place road markings or wayfinding due to the abundant number of trees on the property. LVR analyzed and developed the parking and mobility master plan for vehicles, pedestrians pathways, buses, ADA, staff, and drop-off-pick-up. LVR provide unique solutions to provide wayfinding by using the trees and without access to electricity. LVR designed for cars, bicycles, pedestrian pathways, bus, wayfinding, monitoring, congestion mitigation.


Colts Stadium ParkingHoosier Dome Stadium | Indianapolis, Indiana

As part of the Indiana Convention Center and original home of the Indianapolis Colts, the Hoosier Dome was completed at a cost of $77.5 million with a public (tax payer) and private investment project. LVR’s family companies provided parking management services, stadium planning, parking layout design, traffic flow planning, and day-to-day monitoring for many years before the Hoosier Dome was demolished.

Indiana Convention Center ParkingIndiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indiana Convention Center consists of almost 140,000 square feet of group meeting space. Surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and businesses, this complex has hosted some of the largest conventions in the nation. LVR and its family companies provided professional parking management and operations services for parking facilities on and surrounding the convention center and (at the time) the Hoosier Dome for many years. Our services also included parking layout design, traffic flow, and wayfinding.