Happy Customers (NPA October 2015 Issue)

Smart Solutions Make Parking Less of a Beach

Lia Reyes comments on New Parking App

LVR International comments on BOMA case study

LVR International comments on a case study at the BOMA Greater Los Angeles event.

Los Angeles City Council Seeks out Fraud

“I am going to seek out fraud, waste, and abused in this City,” said Councilman Dennis P. Zine, Chair of the Audits & Governmental Efficiency Committee.

California’s Clean Car Campaign

California’s fight to clean its air by reducing pollution that causes smog and carbon emissions from cars is a long and storied saga. Find more details on the state and federal milestones.

Governor Jerry Brown Promotes Solar for Parking

This is the next generation of power plants in the state of California. It’s solar power that’s happening today on rooftops, in parking lots.  More than 50,000 homes, businesses and public organizations around the state of California have put solar on their roofs, in their parking lots and in their back yards. Schools, water districts, prisons, have put solar on their roofs.